Welcome To HealthTechnics

Welcome To HealthTechnics


HealthTechnics Informatics ApplianceÔ solutions provide clinically sound

and statistically accurate functions that organize, transform, and

process healthcare data into actionable information.

HealthTechnics, Inc. is pioneering a new breed of technology solutions designed to solve one of the healthcare industry''s most pressing needs: providing payors and plan sponsors with the ability to organize and transform vast stores of health data coming from disparate sources into actionable information capable of driving health management initiatives and measuring program outcomes in a statistically accurate and unbiased manner.

HealthTechnics Informatics Appliance™solutions provide the building blocks for many different software applications to support these initiatives. They enable clients to deploy best of breed solutions leveraging domain specific expertise for each health management initiative while assuring an enterprise-wide standard for core methodologies and outcomes analysis. Clients may use a mix of in-house or vendor supplied solutions with the confidence that common underlying informatics functions are performed consistently and with clinical and statistical accuracy.

The HealthTechnics Suite of Informatics Appliances™include:

HRA++ (Health Risk Assessment)

The first health risk assessment appliance that integrates actual medical resource utilization with self reported health status information.

GCAT (Guideline Compliance Assessment)

A pioneering health informatics appliance providing a systematic method of measuring guideline compliance to plan specified clinical guidelines at episode of care.

PSG (Place of Service Grouper and Data Analyzer)

InfoTracks (Provider Profiling and Medical Management System)

HealthTechnics Informatics Appliances™ utilize ETGs® developed by Symmetry Health Data Systems, Inc.™, HealthTechnics, Inc. is a value added reseller for Symmetry Health Data Systems, Inc.™ and exclusive provider of training and certification for use of ETGs®.

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