coding services - billing coding management medical

coding services - billing coding management medical

medaphase.netMedaPhase Medical Practice Management, Emergency Department - The Healthcare Reimbursement Sitewww.aviacode.comAviacode - Medical Coding Serviceswww.chswebsite.orgComprehensive Healthcare Services for Clinics Hospitals...www.cleverleyassociates.comCleverley & Associates provides consulting services and...www.firstclasssolutions.comProfessional Consulting, Coding, Temporary (Interim) Management...www.iatro.comIatro Coding & Reimbursementwww.ingenixonline.comIngenix Onlinewww.medicalmanagement.comMedical Management Associates, Inc., Health Care Consultants...www.medplexus.comMedPlexuswww.medquist.comMedQuist.comwww.mhcconsulting.comMILLENIUM HEALTHCARE CONSULTING - managing the business...www.pellisconsulting.comPellis Consulting - Specializing in Health Information Managementwww.physicianpracticesolutions.comPhysician Practice Solutions, LLC - what we dowww.summithmr.comAnesthesia Billing & Practice Management - Summit HMRwww.thecodingsource.comPhysician Coding-related services including Certification...www.strategicsolutionsmgmt.comStrategic Solutions Management Consultants, Inc.mediservinc.comMediServ Inc. - Medical Billing & Medical Consulting Services

MedaPhase Medical Practice Management, Emergency Department Billingmedaphase.netProviding comprehensive medical practice management consulting and business services for physicians and doctors and hospitals. Including medical coding, hospital contract negotiations physician fee analysis and accounts receivable management billing and collections. - The Healthcare Reimbursement Sitewww.accuchecker.comThe Healthcare Reimbursement Site: We have all the information on Medical Reimbursement: Procedure Codes, Diagnosis ICD-9, Fee Schedule, Correct Coding Initiative (CCI), articles, directories, Software Dealers directory, Software Dealers, Billing Services directory, Billing Service, etc.

Aviacode - Medical Coding Serviceswww.aviacode.comComprehensive ICD9, CPT and HCPCS medical coding using remote CPC and CSS certified medical coders and HIPAA compliant encoding technology.

Comprehensive Healthcare Services for Clinics Hospitals...www.chswebsite.orgComprehensive Healthcare Services provides Consulting, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Transcription, Brokering, Employee Insurance, Medical Programs, Coding, Software, Connectivity, Records Storage and more to Clinics, Hospitals and Physicians

Cleverley & Associates provides consulting services and...www.cleverleyassociates.comCleverley & Associates provides consulting services and benchmarking tools to hospitals with an emphasis on data interpretation and business solution identification. We help client’s enhance their financial performance through better pricing decisions, improved coding, capital restructuring, cost and productivity enhancements, and/or investment management changes.

Professional Consulting, Coding, Temporary (Interim) Management...www.firstclasssolutions.comFirst Class Solutions, Inc. is a diversified firm providing computer and healthcare consulting services throughout the United States.

Iatro Coding & Reimbursementwww.iatro.comIatro has provides professional medical CPT and ICD-9-CM coding services. All consultants are CPC certified with the AAPC.

Ingenix Onlinewww.ingenixonline.comIngenix offers health care coding, billing, reimbursement and compliance products. We offer a wide array of formats and services, including Web-based tools, books, desktop software, and print and electronic updates - for providers and payers. Our data empowers health care organizations to provide quality care, enhance operations and improve their bottom line.

Medical Management Associates, Inc., Health Care Consultants...www.medicalmanagement.comLeading edge consultants for physicians and related healthcare organizations since 1982. Providing strategic planning, complete practice management, reimbursement and coding, practice re-engineering, physician compensation and contracting, managed care consulting, and medical space planning services.

MedPlexuswww.medplexus.comMedPlexus is a physician practice management solution for the healthcare industry that provides physician practices and billing service providers with integrated HIPAA compliant solutions and web-based information management for electronic medical records, scheduling, patient registration, reporting, medical billing and coding, reimbursement, medical office management, billing services and computer-based patient records.

MedQuist.comwww.medquist.comMedQuist is the world''s leading medical transcription service provider and the premier supplier of dictation, transcription, speech recognition and coding products and services. Whether you prefer outsource services, an on-premise installation of software and hardware or a combination, MedQuist is the answer. Our flexible blend of quality service combined with advanced technology allows you to construct the solution that fits your exact needs.

MILLENIUM HEALTHCARE CONSULTING - managing the business...www.mhcconsulting.comNational healthcare consulting firm, assisting physicians, executives and health systems in managing the business side of medicine. Provides coding compliance practice management services.

Pellis Consulting - Specializing in Health Information Managementwww.pellisconsulting.comPellis Consulting, Inc. specializes in health information management services providing short and long-term solutions for our clients. We facilitate our clients’ ability to maintain cash flow and achieve the best reimbursement. Pellis Consulting, Inc. partners with clients to meet individual needs. We specialize in coding, atlas abstracting, interim management and operations improvement. Our productivity and operations improvement services take us beyond the traditional medical record department.

Physician Practice Solutions, LLC - what we dowww.physicianpracticesolutions.comPhysician Practice Solutions provides a full range of services for physicians and other healthcare providers, such as medical billing, coding and compliance services, and practice management.

Anesthesia Billing & Practice Management - Summit HMRwww.summithmr.comSummit HMR, Inc. is a national leader in providing billing and practice management services to anesthesia and pain providers. Our service offering includes: medical billing, coding, reimbursement and claims processing; payroll, cash and expense management; recruiting, administration, performance evaluations and other human resource support; technology acquisition and systems support; strategic planning, managed care contract administration and negotiation.

Physician Coding-related services including Certification...www.thecodingsource.comThe Coding Source specializes in a full range of Physician Coding-related services including Certification Training and job assistance for students, Outsourcing, Recruitment Placement, and consulting for healthcare providers.

Strategic Solutions Management Consultants, Inc.www.strategicsolutionsmgmt.comProvides services to medical care delivery systems. Services include practice evaluation; ongoing contract management; certificate of need development; strategic planning; information system selection and implementation; network development; and quality assessment

MediServ Inc. - Medical Billing & Medical Consulting Servicesmediservinc.comMediServ, Inc.-Medical billing and practice audit services in Idaho, Washington and Montana. A medical consulting company.

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